Sudahlah…tak usah kau berbisik betapa bahagianya aku dan dia dulu… Didalam hatiku,sudah aku kubur dalam-dalam, cukup aku perjuangkan semua yang ada. Sekarang aku hanya bisa sedikit menoleh, tak mungkin lagi aku kembali. Kalau suatu saat kau menyesal, yang bisa aku berikan cuman satu…senyuman terimakasih, bahwa kau telah menjadikanku yang terbaik dalam hidupmu.

Sweet dream

One day i remember his number so sudden. Then i’ll try to call him.. and i did!!! I cant imagine how happy i am.. he response me well.. but he’s afraid to continuing our conversation.. yeaah.. im still patient for all of it. And i’ll always be waiting for the time we can share our life journey, i will.

I’ll stand by you

December 17th 2019, the shocking day of my life about my son. When i picked up him for home after take a course, the teacher told me that Chinyo is better avoid from chocolate, coz when he eat or drink it, he less concetrate. That’s the time i realize that my son is one of so many ADHD childrens. My heart is suddenly broke, i can’t believe it and i’m denial of it. Sure i’ll hide to everyone except my husband. After 2 days i think to much (with cant sleep and tears a lot of course) “why should i hide it?i can’t find a way out if i hide to everyone.. sure they can understand. Just don’t care if they talk shit about me or my son” then i decided to open mind, tell my mom and find the best doctor for him. I have to struggle, i have to be more patience with my oldest son. I read so many article.. i google it.. i asked friends, then i met dr. Sasanti at Mitra Keluarga Darmo. I dont know what i’m thinking… i just sure with myself, my son is a something special.. my son is a big person in a future, one of the success man in a world. Bismillahirahmanirrahim… Alessandro Ichi Saputra is normal, aamiin.

A true love will never die

Have you ever thought about a person think about you? It’s so bizzare.. Imagine someone, out of the blue, thinking of your face.  Then something happens, she remember you, how you dress, the way you talk, the way you sing a lullaby, the look in your happy eyes when the first time you met her, when you went on a date, till you come up in her dream. She remember about you, even if you haven’t seen each other. Everything in life is a reminder of a person, a place, a moment. You may think you’ve forgotten,but you haven’t. She’s change now, but won’t her heart !!!