Sudahlah…tak usah kau berbisik betapa bahagianya aku dan dia dulu… Didalam hatiku,sudah aku kubur dalam-dalam, cukup aku perjuangkan semua yang ada. Sekarang aku hanya bisa sedikit menoleh, tak mungkin lagi aku kembali. Kalau suatu saat kau menyesal, yang bisa aku berikan cuman satu…senyuman terimakasih, bahwa kau telah menjadikanku yang terbaik dalam hidupmu.


From the first time that day.. till now.. i asked to myself.. why am i like thiis?


Tell me what is a real life…

Is it about time that we use wisely?

Is it about crying when we sad?

Is it about yelling when we mad?

Or maybe we actually don’t know what to do and always wanted to turn back time?

May i cry ?

I really need someone to hold my hand, wipe my tears and calm me down.. not just say i care, but never show. Tell me what should i do now to make this life as simple as wise quotes’s said?


Lil beautiful grass

If i can choose to grow up and not bothering others, i’ll be the one who did that.

Sometimes… just overthink and do nothing is wrong… but sometimes, even just we step ahead and do something also can be a big mistake. Life is a choice… which do you prefer?

My new chapter

Resign from being a banker maybe a big mistake, coz i still jobless when i did that. but, it will be a biggest mistake if i still work there, coz i cant see my sons growing up and really need their parents around. All i can do now is still struggling and become a successful women, become a businness woman, who make my husband, sons and of course my mom’s proud. Allah will guiding me, Allah will company me, Allah will help me.. to through this and make my dream happen, aamiin.

One of my favorite

When i missed the call 😔

And when i saw who’s calling 😲😱😍😊

But then … there’s no continue ☹️

Sweet dream

Tonight, let me just close my eyes in my tears while thinking and missing you.. and i hope that i can find you in my sleep, become my beautiful dream

Really… i still cant get over it !

My question is only one, how to get over it?